Clear Advantage Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service
Clear Advantage Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service

Clear Advantage

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service

Clear Advantage Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service is a professionally certified, commercial hood cleaning service in the Bay Area. We work in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association's code 96 and will help you pass local fire or fire Marshall Inspections.


Having your commercial hood cleaned to the metal is required by fire and safety codes nationally. Not only does this compliance keep your restaurant, staff and customers safe from grease fires, it also improves the functionality of the hood. A great example of this is the improved ventilation of the system, which will reduce the odors and smoke associated with restaurant kitchens. The NFPA recommends most commercial hood cleaning be done every 3-6 months to ensure optimal performance.


We understand the importance of time, especially in the restaurant industry. That's why our staff will make the visit as short as possible so you may resume work.  We guarantee our work and strive for excellence in customer service.  Keep your property, staff and customers safe, call Clear Advantage Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service today!

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National Fire Protection Association Member

NFPA.96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.

certifications "IKECA certifications provide objective & measurable ways to determine competency in the standardized practices and standards within the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.."
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